Do you know what only Swiss mythological creature is?

It’s a mountain goat called the dahu whose legs are shorter on one side of its body than the other.

All the better to perch laterally a steep mountain slope, my dear.

Because of this physical attribute, the dahu can only walk around the mountain in one direction.

Like the dahu, we’re all born facing a particular direction. It may be steep, treacherous, and unstable, or it might be pretty smooth. But our vision is inevitably going to be limited.

My hope is this: to form tentative and researched opinions and to create a space for discussion. It’s to present alternatives to things that I previously believed to be true. It’s to notice beauty in things I’ve passed by a million times on my circular trek by shifting my viewpoint.

This is me – far later in life than I should be – exploring other paths. Other perspectives. There are so many things I assumed to be true and I’m furious at myself for making such assumptions. I want to start figuring out how to be in a world that is so much wider and wilder and varied, more beautiful and more broken than I’d ever imagined it to be.

This is me changing directions. I will do it stumblingly. I’m going to make mistakes and make a fool of myself, and I want you to tell me when I do.

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