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Monkeys don’t speak English and the hairy little creatures with their tough young muscles swing around in their chairs, throwing excrement-coloured things and shrieking laughter.

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You and your mind maps

You and your mind maps, your arrows connecting colour-coded post-it notes on the kitchen floor letting you know what direction you’re going in so you can tell me through logical historical progression. Religion is bad.

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Ant Season

There’s a dead ant in her cream cheese bagel, but she can’t find the energy to care.  It’s ant season after all, sometimes these things can’t be helped.  Extra protein, right? Other cultures eat ants all the time. The air is cold and her heart thrums in her chest with the weight of her To Dos,…

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Johnnie W.

They don’t want anything real, people, and that’s where I come in. Janine was real but he didn’t want the real Janine he wanted the Janine in his head. Then he thought he was supposed to love himself and that the way to do that was to become himself as he was in his mind,…

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